About Four Winds Spas

10-30-2014_07-14-03_FW_Logo_-_LargeRated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Four Winds Spas has manufactured and marketed quality-crafted, aesthetically appealing hot tubs for more than 20 years. Headquartered at its production facility outside of Nashville in Smyrna, Tennessee, the company maintains distribution networks throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Along with building its hot tubs exclusively in America using primarily American-made components, Four Winds Spas has developed one of the most competitive pricing structures in the industry. Divided into five distinct product series, each of the company’s hot tubs offers a variety of optional features, which allows customers to select personalized specifications that match their needs and price range.

Whether designing hot tubs for hydrotherapy, relaxation, or swim training, Four Winds Spas strives to build energy-efficient units constructed to last for many years. In-house, the company employs a team of experienced engineers, manufacturing technicians, and customer service agents, while also collaborating with trusted third-party component suppliers, such as Waterways Plastics and Lucite, to equip each hot tub with the latest technology.

To best secure customer health, Four Winds Spas builds its hot tubs with filter tubes engineered for centrifugal flow, in a 360-degree filtration system that utilizes all sides of the filter. The sanitizing effectiveness of the filtration system is further augmented with the integration of an antibacterial media capable of eliminating 99.9 percent of harmful particulates and disease-causing microorganisms prone to proliferate in inadequately filtered hot tubs.


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